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Podrzucam Wam kolejną porcję inspiracji prezentowych.... tym razem od Lalique, pisząc ostatnio o motylach Baccaratu polecam Wam przy tej okazji spojrzeć na wspaniałą kolekcję , która powstała przy udziale awangardowego, brytyjskiego artysty Damien'a Hirsta,  który to cyt. ''shared a sense of the magical and paradoxical beauty of the butterfly, ephemeral and eternal at the same time, presented in three forms: Hope, Love and Beauty...'' Lalique tworzy niesamowite i wyjątkowe produkty ze szkła, od lat wiernie podziwiam i marzę o ich kryształach na każdej półce swoich witryn...

1. Heart- The universal symbol of love, this pink satin heart will convey your feelings of romance and devotion.

2. A delicate flower and the symbol of purity and innocence, the anemone inspired René Lalique for this design in 1931, originally created in glass.
A vision of crystal, both romantic and contemporary, that shows that nature and modernity in harmony when fashioned by the hands of artists.
Decorated with two black crystal anemones, this decoration piece can be used as both bud vase and perfume bottle.

3. In 1926 Rene Lalique created the Tourbillons Vase. Inspired by movement of the fern blossom, its abstract design allows for the utmost freedom of interpretation. Graphic and poetic, its curves stunningly follow the rhythm of light, drawing the eye into swirls of crystal4. CLAIREFONTAINE PERFUME BOTTLE
1. Nysa Ring-In mythology, Nysa is the birthplace of Dionysus symbol of the vineyard. The nymphs of Nysa watched over the young Dionysus, son of Zeus, whom they kept hidden in a grotto where he grew up on the fruit of the vine. Lalique reinterpreted this famous motif in a line of silver and crystal jewellery.
Ring in vermeil with black crystal and black lacquer cabochon.
2. Nysa 
Pendant in vermeil with black crystal and black lacquer cabochon.
ARÉTHUSE CUFFLINKS The famous “Masque de Femme” motif reveals the face of a mysterious, elegant woman wearing a headdress of aquatic life, symbolizing the nymph Arethusa. The Arethuse cufflinks are composed of black crystal mounted on sterling silver.4.  ARÉTHUSE RING

1.  KAZAK HORSE SCULPTURE, Kazak pays homage to one of the most majestic animals on Earth, the ultimate symbol of strength and speed. The movement of their manes flying in the wind evokes a spirit of freedom and independence.2. TWO LOVEBIRDS SCULPTURE

In "Fleur Universelle", the warm, sandy scent of the everlasting flower is spiced up with rum and cinnamon and softened by cool pink pepper and a green flash of cardamom. 

  • Top Note: Pink Pepper, Rum, Cardamom
  • Heart Note: Everlasting Flower, Myrrh, Cinnamon
  • Dry Down Note: Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Lorenox


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