Ralph & Russo - Haute Couture SS 2015

"Dresses had a clever "I don't quite understand how they've done that" aspect to them: floating shoulders, hooped hems and sheer inserts creating the body shape you wish you had - and even Ralph herself eschewed her usual beaded pencil dress for a flower-fairy number - albeit in black with towering heels. Pin-pleated tulle in cornflower blue cavorted alongside punchy parma violet and succulent peach silks like a box of Turkish Delight - each one more edible than the next - and every model floated, wood-nymph-like, in the creations. The label's fans - from Cheryl, Beyoncé and Angelina to the international clients gathered at the Grand Palais - will have no problem choosing a favourite from this, the strongest Ralph & Russo collection to date. In fact, it might be hard to choose just one. 

And that's thing about couture. For all its beauty and otherworldly whimsy, it has to offer dresses that women - who, granted, aren't exactly like most women you might know - want to wear in their lives. And the ying and yang duo - creative Ralph and visionary CEO Russo - might just have hit on the formula to move the business of couture forward. Is it as revolutionary as Raf or theatrical as Galliano? No. But would you remortgage your house to be the world's most beautiful flower fairy for just one night? Yes, I think you probably would."  
Lauren Milligan VOGUE


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